About Blue Willow Beef

Welcome to Blue Willow Beef. Thank you for stopping by! My name is Suzy Riley, owner and Manager. At Blue Willow Beef, we produce premium beef from both sides of the world, locally and naturally.

Why Blue Willow Beef?

Growing up a fourth generation rancher in a commercial cow/calf operation, we enjoyed good beef; always had a freezer full. But the beef in the packages was not how we measured success. Success was at the sale barn, at the scales, live and weaned. Our job was done. But as I began raising this 5th generation of ranchers, 5 of them, the questions began, “Why, Mama?”. “Why” about everything including ranching since our daily lives consist of mama cows and baby calves, feed and vaccinations and unfortunately those occasional losses. “Because that’s the way grandpa did it” was not good enough for them. At that point I began asking “why” about everything, too. This is when my focus began to shift from weaning weights to quality and yield grades and Wagyu was introduced into our herd.

Our Way Of Life

Our family has been in Walker County for over 100 years farming, ranching and raising our children up in a close knit community with an appreciation for the land, a strong work ethic and living a tradition our family began long ago. Other than our Blue Willow Beef herd, my father has his commercial cow/calf operation of nearly 400 mama cows. There is always fences to check, cows to be fed, hay to be baled and calves to be worked. Since we homeschool, we have the time and flexibility to be there “when duty calls” and all 5 kids are taking an active role in the daily operations. Maddie, my oldest, enjoys penning cows on her horse, working at the sale barns, and is interested in meat science and helping me improve Blue Willow Beef with every calf crop. Jack is best with machinery so he spends endless hours mowing pastures and helping his uncle cut, rake and bale hay. Grady is the cowman. At the age of 10 he has his own commercial cow/calf operation of about 50 head. You can find him several day a week at the sale barns, buying replacement heifers and filling orders for customers. He also raises and trains his own cow dogs. MaryJo is my sidekick. She’s doing whatever I’m doing from working calves to cooking supper. Then we have Raymond, the official gate-getter. The cattle business is our life, but it wouldn’t be without family.

Our Plans for the Future

Pondering the future of the beef industry is what occupies my mind daily. Thinking about my childhood and that freezer full of beef that my daddy raised seems so simple but is the key to my vision. Knowing where beef comes from and confidence in the producer is priceless. As a child, my mom would always invite families over after church and I remember them being jealous of our freezer full of beef and the experience of what I thought was a monotonous Sunday dinner of roast beef. At Blue Willow Beef, I can now offer this experience to others. They can share my experience by knowing the land, the family, the processor and the product. Our focus at Blue Willow Beef differs from our past generations of ranching where we were a lot farther from the customer; now we are more connected. As a parent, it is great to see our kids take an active part in our cattle business. Maddie is focused on Agricultural Communications and an interest in Meat Science. Grady keeps our daily cattle operations in tip-top shape and is always eager to grow our herd by buying the best of the best! As a family, we are ALL committed to producing the highest quality of locally grown beef and unsurpassed in customer service through online sales, phone call sales, or even visits to the ranch. We welcome you at anytime and look forward to your business!