Our Cattle

Blue Willow Beef originated with a small herd of registered Black Angus mama cows and a purebred Wagyu bull. Coming from a commercial cow/calf operation, I knew the benefits of cross bred cattle and their adaptive and traits and faster growth. After our first year of breeding, we introduced Brangus and Brangus Type Black Baldies and Black Motley Faced Cattle. We have found that 50% Wagyu genetics is the optimal blend of beef quality improvement and cost efficiency. In fact, most of the Wagyu beef in the U.S. has 50% Wagyu genetics. The improved feed efficiency and reduced time on feed reduces the cost of production compared to higher percentage Wagyu calves. Most of our heifers and mama cows in our Blue Willow Beef Breeding Program came from my dad’s original herd.

When I say it’s truly a family business, this is a perfect example. These calves are born on my family’s land where they are watched from birth, some from my back porch. When it’s working time, the cows are penned by my kids, and worked by me and my brother. At this time, my kids are looking for commercial show heifer prospects. They are turned back out with their mamas. Then, when they reach around 600 pounds, they are weaned to be sold. We then pick pens of show heifers. After they are shown at our county fair, Blue Willow Beef usually purchases a few of the heifers to grow our business. This can be as many as TWENTY heifers since 4 of the 5 kids are old enough to show at our county show. My kids then raise them and show them at our county show and Blue Willow Beef usually purchases a pen at the Walker County Fair Premium Sale.

Our cattle are never treated with hormones or antibiotics and always graze in a natural environment. We bale our own hay and work our own cattle to ensure they are handled properly. We also support local business through our USDA inspected processing facility, K&C Meat in Navasota, Texas.

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